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Miley Cyrus popularize this crazy dance, but it isn’t new, and is use as an effective way to burn around 8 calories per minutes.

Is a dance that consist in move your butt vigorously.

This dance acquire popularity in the mass culture of the United States, and several gyms from this country have started to teach classes, using this technique, in order to burn calories.

Twerking origin began in a African dance called “mapouka” which is popular in the occidental zone of the continent, in places such as Côte d’Ivoire.

In U.S.A., became popular two decades ago, thanks to the hip-hop singers, originated mainly in New Orleans, city with a strong African influence and carnival culture.

On social network foster this dance as an high level aerobic activity. Practicing twerk allow to lose up to 500 calories in just one hour, and represent a great cardiovascular benefit.

The dance allow to whom practice it to tone up glutes, thighs, legs, calf, and the lower back, and is of a great help to fortify the abdominal wall to the rhythm of hip-hop and the most popular songs.