The virtual classes last for 60 minutes. They can be started at any time, by a client request, inside the designated times.

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SPINNING has become in the last years in one of the most popular fitness activities for a gym. A travel in a bycicle, with steep slopes, plains, fast lines, and a lot of fun. Prepare yourself for a challenge.

Is a group activity, guided by the instructor, that will decide the evolution of the intensity and resistance levels, following the beat of the music. Both the instructor and the music are key for a good development of the class, and a good motivation.

Thanks to this method, there is no monotonous pedaling like in an static bicycle, and you can achieve a focus level, and motivation level, far superior. A way to make aerobic exercise in a cheerful way.

A lot of people see this as one of the tougher activities that can be practice in a gym. However, this vision is mistaken, for Spinning can be adapted to all levels of fitness just by regulating the bicycle resistance. This way, each person can modify the difficulty level for each training session, and follow the instructor instructions accordingly.

The evolution of this class is usually really fast, and we barely notice the change of rhythm. The activity last for in between 45 to 50 minutes and can be divided in three different parts:

  • Warm up
  • Work
  • Back to idle and stretching

BENEFIT Practicing spinning allows for a complete physical training. You will make cardiovascular training, and at the same time tone up muscles, specially legs’ muscles. It breaks the monotony of an static bicycle and transform it into a really fun and motivating sport.

Expel liquids through sweat, cleaning pores and enhancing the process of getting rid of fat.

Tone up legs, specially glutes.

It can be practice by every person of every age, and it doesn’t require any previous physical training, as it is adaptable for every different level of endurance.

Increase global endurance of the body towards physical training.